Park is considered the green lung of the city. Despite the omnipresent greenery, it's also a great place for the Flower Towers. If you match flowers and models properly, you can decorate park avenues and accentuate the most significant points.



Trees aren’t everything! It’s a good idea to supply their greenery with colourful details. Especially, this is a particularly good place for more than one species of flowers.

Put the Flower Towers nearby the other plants in order to create an aesthetic contrast.

How to set the park avenues and create a colourful decoration? You can do both thanks to Flower Towers.



Marcin Brożek

Decorations can be located near benches, monuments or arbours. There are many ways of arranging: symmetrical or random, individual or in a group. The only restriction is the necessity of saving space for strollers. If you have any doubts what to do, ask our landscape architect for advice.

Marcin Brożek | Team Leader | bWFyY2luLmJyb3pla0B0ZXJyYS1wbC5ldQ==




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